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Handbook On Radiation Probing, Gauging Imaging And Analysis

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The need for this book arose from my teaching, engineering, and - search experience in the non-power aspects of nuclear technology. The lack of a comprehensive textbook in industrial applications of radiation frustrated my students, who had to resort to a multitude of textbooks and research publications to familiarize themselves with the fundam- tal and practical aspects of radiation technology. As an engineer, I had to acquire the design aspects of radiation devices by trial-and-error, and often by accidental reading of a precious publication. As a researcher and a supervisor of graduate students, I found that the needed literature was either hard to find, or too scattered and diverse. More than once, I discovered that what appeared to be an exciting new idea was an old concept that was tried a few decades earlier during the golden era of "Atom for Peace". I am hoping, therefore, that this book will serve as a single comprehensive reference source in a growing field that I expect will continue to expand. This book is directed to both neophytes and experts, and is written to combine the old and the new, the basic and the advanced, the simple and the complex. It is anticipated that this book will be of help in - viving older concepts, improving and expanding existing techniques and promoting the development of new ones.

Managing Employee Rights And Responsibilities

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A companion to the editor's previous volume, Communicating Employee Responsibilities and Rights, this book summarizes the current state of knowledge in the area of employee responsibilities and rights and points to future directions for research and practice. The contributors examine the theory behind employee rights and responsibilities and suggest the need for a shift from discipline-specific orientations to the development of an interdisciplinary paradigm. They emphasize the need to look at rights and responsibilities issues from a broad management context and examine the management of the various issues in modern organizations. Detailed case studies of programs that have worked well, short case examples, court decisions, and quantified data document specific ideas throughout the book. The book is divided into four sections, beginning with two introductory essays. Three chapters follow that address legal issues such as legislation to protect against unjust discharge, the current status of wrongful dismissal legislation, and trends in Title VII discrimination legal theories. In the next seven chapters that address human resources and management education perspectives, the contributors treat topics involving positive discipline, internal mechanisms for resolving employee complaints, the ombudsman model of managing employee rights, whistleblowing, and the responsibilities of management education to help fulfill the rights of students and future business leaders. The concluding section contains two chapters and examines whether employee rights strategies are desired or required and develops a social constructionist and political economic perspective of employee rights. Taken together, these chapters offer the most comprehensive exposition of this complex subject available to date.

Imaging And Correlative Physicochemical Techniques

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Recent years have seen remarkable advances in the devel- ment of techniques that have direct applications in neurological research. In consequence, the circulatory and metabolic status of the brain can be measured and correlated with changes m structure often noninvasively, m the same - and integrated function, perimental subIect This has stimulated an increased awareness of the complexity, under normal and pathological conditions, of the interdependence of these factors. Through the application of the methods described in this volume, however, these complexities can now be analyzed. The chapters m this volume present methodological - scriptions of some of the most powerful "physicochemical" methods for studymg the brain. Multidisciplmary teams are - quired to develop some of these methods, which are extremely expensive m terms of capital equipment costs and technological personnel support Thus, they will likely remain restricted to malor medical research centers Nevertheless, many recent concepts of brain responses to disease are a result of their application We have been fortunate m convincing active, leading sci- tists to contribute to this volume. The descrrptions of the basic prmciples of each method, and its applications and limitations, are derived primarily from their personal experiences. The first two chapters (Rowan, Auer) deal with methods for assessing brain hemodynamics. The two subsequent chapters (Greenberg; He- covitch) describe autoradiography and positron emission tomog- phy techniques, which provide quantitative measurements of brain metabolism as well as blood flow.

The Anti-slavery Harp

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The Anti-Slavery Harp

A Collection of Songs for Anti-Slavery Meetings

Compiled by William W. Brown,

A fugitive slave.


The demand of the public for a cheap Anti-Slavery Song-Book, containing Songs of a more recent composition, has induced me to collect together, and present to the public, the songs contained in this book.

In making this collection, however, I am indebted to the authors of the "Liberty Minstrel," and "the Anti-Slavery Melodies," But the larger portion of these songs has never before been published; some have never been in print.

To all true friends of the Slave, the Anti-Slavery Harp is respectfully dedicated,




Am I not a Man and Brother? A.C.L.

O, Pity the Slave Mother. Words from Liberator

The Blind Slave Boy. Mrs. Bailey

Ye Sons of Freemen. Mrs. J.G. Carter

Freedom's Star. Harris

Liberty Ball. Clarke

Emancipation Hymn.

Over the Mountain. J. Hutchinson Jr.

Jubilee Song.

Spirit of Freemen, Wake.

Slave's Lamentation. Parody Tucker

Flight of the Bondman. Smith

Sweets of Liberty.

Ye Spirits of the Free.

Colonization Song. A Slaveholder

I am an Abolitionist. Garrison

The Bereaved Mother. J. Hutchinson

The Chase. Douglass' North Star

Fling out the Anti Slavery Flag.

The Yankee Girl. Whittier

Jefferson's Daughter.

The Auction.

Get off the Track. J. Hutchinson Jr.

Be Free, O Man, be Free. M.H. Maxwell

Fugitive Slave to the Christian. E. Wright Jr.

Rescue the Slave. Latimer Journal

Slave-holder to the North Star. Pierpont

The Coffle Gang. A Slave

Zaza, the Female Slave. Miss Ball

We're Coming.

On to Victory.

The Man for me. Parody Tucker

The Bondman. Words from Liberator

Right On. A Christian

Fugitive's Triumph.

Freedom's Banner. R.C. Wateson

Good Time Coming. J. Hutchinson Jr.

A Song for Freedom.

Your Brother is a Slave. D.H. Jaques

Come Join the Abolitionists.

The Bigot Fire. John Ramsdale

Oft in the Chilly Night. Pierpont

Are ye Truly Free? J.R. Lowell

Emancipation Song. Bangor Gazette

What mean ye?

Light of Truth. Oliver Johnson

Flying Slave. Bangor Gazette

Ye Heralds of Freedom.

Mechanical Analysis Of Electronic Packaging Systems

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"Fills the niche between purely technical engineering texts and sophisticated engineering software guides-providing a pragmatic, common sense approach to analyzing and remedying electronic packaging configuration problems. Combines classical engineering techniques with modern computing to achieve optimum results in assessment cost and accuracy."


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